Before you contact us, please look here for answers

  1. Who can ride?  Anyone 4 - 100. Trail rides are for 7 and up. 
  2. What is the weight limit? We have a weight limit of 250lbs for the comfort of our horses. Occasionally we may be able to handle more weight with a larger horse but as of  now this is the limit. 
  3. I'm pregnant, Can I ride? We would prefer that you do not ride as we would not want to endanger you or your unborn child. 
  4. Do I need boots to ride? We recommend that you do wear a boot with a heel, but a shoe with a heel is ok too. We not recommend flip flops, sandals, or tennis shoes as they can be a hazard when riding. We do offer a selection of limited sized boots if you do not own your own. 
  5. What should I wear? Long pants, no jeans for English riding, but ok for Western. Legging are fine for English. We do not recommend riding in shorts as it can be uncomfortable. 
  6. Do I have to wear a helmet. If you are under the age of 18 you are required to wear a helmet. We do have helmets available. If you are over 18 we still recommend that you wear a helmet but we will not make you. However we do require you sign a waiver stating you refused to wear the helmet we offered.
  7. Do I have to sign a waiver. Yes. No one rides without a signed  waiver. 
  8. Can I watch my child ride and work with the horses? Yes, but you will need to stay in the  designated observer area and you will also be required to sign a waiver. 
  9. What do I need to bring on a trail ride? Dress appropriately for season, bring water, pack snacks and or lunch that will travel well in saddle bags, bug spray, sunscreen and thing that  will make you comfy in the elements. No hats unless secured to your head. 
  10. How many people go out on a trail ride? We have 6 horses available for rides and we have 2 guides that go with. 
  11. I am an experienced rider, do you offer an experienced ride? Yes we can tailor rides to experience  levels. 
  12. Can you trot, canter, or gallop? With signed release waiver, and proof of experience we will have opportunity to go faster in some  places on the trail.  
  13. Can we go out on our own without a guide? Not on our horses. 
  14. Should I ride English or Western? That depends on your goals. If you are wanting to learn to jump then English is a must. If you want to trail ride  then  Western is preferred. 
  15. Can I take Pictures on the trail? Only in the designated photo opportunity spots. This is for safety of both horse and ride..